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Pizza Perfection

Pizza has it all – carbs, fats, protein and veggies, which means it is a healthy and balanced meal…right?!?

Seriously though I love pizza and it was one of the reasons I stuck with being Vegetarian for so long rather than going Vegan. Give up meat? No problem. Give up milk and butter? Always preferred non dairy alternatives anyways. Give up cheese? Hmm but Pizza? Thankfully though my love of pizza is stronger than ever since beating my cheese addiction to become Vegan.

This weekend I met a friend for lunch and we decided to go to Zizzi’s for pizza which suited me as they are a PETA Vegan Food Awards Winner. I opted for the Pepperonata Rustica, let me talk you through it since the name doesn’t give much away; tomato, mozzarella alternative (made with coconut oil), fire roasted peppers, sunblush tomatoes, hot roquito chillis and pea shoots. I am a fan of spicy food so this really hit the spot! If you can’t handle the heat don’t worry they have two more pizza options as well as pastas, starters and desserts on their Vegan menu so you won’t go hungry.

Zizzi’s not the only major pizza chain offering vegan cheese as an option, both Pizza Express and Pizza Hut have got you covered too.

Papa Johns sadly don’t offer vegan cheese yet but bases are suitable for Vegans as is their special garlic dip so you can order online but just remember to tick box to remove all cheese.

Unless you have been hiding under a rock I am assuming you have all read about or seen the new Wicked Kitchen range created for Tesco that was launched earlier this year. This range boasts 20 ready meals including two sourdough pizza options. I recently tried the BBQ Mushroom Pizza and was absolutely blown away that something that I shoved in an oven for ten minutes could have so much flavour!

Another pizza at home option comes from One Planet Pizza, the first vegan company to be crowdfunded by the Vegan and Veggie community. At the moment they have 4 flavours (Mediterranean Roasted Vegetable, Hawaiian, Three Cheese and Exotic Funghi) but also create seasonal specials. I tried a slice of Hawaiian last weekend at Vegan Life Live and I can see why their pizza is award winning!

If you are Glasgow based like me I would highly recommend giving Pizza Punks in City Centre a visit as not only do they have vegan cheese but you can top their sourdough base with as many toppings as you like for only a tenner! Vegan toppings are not restricted to just veggies as they have falafel, vegan sausage and haggis too.

Now if you are looking for absolute filth head to fully vegan restaurant Mono in Glasgow for a pizza crunch! For those who are wondering what I mean by pizza crunch, it is pizza deep fried in batter. It is absolutely heart attack material and I needed a nap after I ate it but it is surprisingly tasty.

I really hope you enjoy trying all the delicious options available and if there is a great Vegan pizza near you please comment below to share the love.

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Big loves!

Gems x

p.s How cute is my furry baby Buddy?

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