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For the love of roast potatoes.


There are a few things that people always tell me I can’t have as a vegan and a Sunday roast is one of them. People seem to think you can’t have a roast without meat which is weird as everyone knows roast potatoes are the best bit anyway, am I right?!

The first roast replacement that springs to mind is obviously a nut roast but being married to a vegan with a nut allergy that idea goes straight out of the window.

This post shares some of our favourite roast options which I would recommend especially with Easter coming up.

Last week we tried the Linda McCartney roast beef with red wine and shallot glaze which you can pick up from most major supermarkets for around £3, amazing value when it can feed 4 people. This requires no effort as it cooks from frozen in less than an hour, giving you time to sort out veg and drink wine. This is also a good option for any fitness bunnies as high protein and low in calories, I don’t believe in calories at the weekend but our friend that was over for dinner is counting macros due to weight training.

Linda McCartney Roast

Another no prep cook from home option is Fry’s Family Soy and Quinoa Country Roast which we first tried at Christmas time but have since purchased again from Holland and Barrett. The only niggle with this one is it needs to defrost before cooking but once defrosted you just shove in the oven for around 30 minutes, we cook it a wee bit longer to crisp up.

Vbites have also got you covered no matter what your taste as they do a range of roast options; beef , turkey and gammon. We have had their celebration roast, it comes with gravy and also rasher wrapped sausages. To be honest we normally just use Bisto gravy as their original gravy powder is accidentally vegan then we add roasted onions to serve.

Glasgow has plenty of places serving up Sunday lunch to hungry vegans. Earlier this month we went to Mono and had their Seitan roast which was delicious, it came with vegetables as expected and also Yorkshire puddings – proving yet again anything can be made vegan. We are going to attempt making our own Seitan roast soon following recipe from Vegan 100 by the amazing @avantgardevegan – wish us luck!

Today we ate at Toby Carvery for lunch as it has not one but three vegan options! On offer is a grilled aubergine and med veg stack, a portobello mushroom tart or a root vegetable roast. If none of these appeal you could just opt for all your favourites from the carvery without the meat which means you can get unlimited roast potatoes for less than a fiver!!! I got the root vegetable roast and Mr.Johnson got the mushroom tart, we both enjoyed our mains but agreed could happily have had just veg and stuffing.

This post is just a small selection of Sunday roasts we’ve enjoyed recently but as I mentioned this isn’t including the massive range of nut roasts available and don’t get me started on vegan pies – I have actually decided to do a separate post covering this as there are so many great options available so make sure you follow my blog so you don’t miss a post.

In recent years I have served up Easter lunch, well truth be told Mr.Johnson does as he makes best roasties ever while I faff about drinking prosecco and setting the table but this year we are thinking of eating out so follow me on Instagram as I’ll be sure to post my lunch as well as any other treats consumed over the bank holiday weekend.

Whatever you have planned I hope you all have a great Easter and eat so much you need an afternoon nap.

Big Loves,

Gems x

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