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Glasgow Supper Club: Junk Food Edition


Just take a minute to look at this menu… now perhaps take a screenshot so you are ready for the next person who tells you being vegan is too restrictive or that a vegan meal is just rabbit food. Seriously when was the last time you saw a rabbit munching on jalapeño poppers or a corn dog?!?! Exactly.

I have been lovingly looking at Glasgow Supper Club menus and their Instagram for quite some time but sadly my diary has not lined up with previous events, I am happy to confirm it was 100% worth the wait.

I was welcomed by the lovely Lydia and an equally lovely White Russian cocktail before taking my seat at the dining table. The table was beautifully dressed in white linen with bright seasonal flowers and candles which were just formal enough to create a sense of occasion but an equally laid back vibe. I also need to tell you that her plant game is super strong as throughout the room was the most gorgeous collection of plants which left me more than a little jealous.

Normally fresh bread is served to guests prior to the starter but as this event had a junk food theme we were given a square of sourdough pizza and as a self confessed pizza lover I was delighted.

I was really looking forward to the starter as I used to love jalapeño poppers and haven’t had any since going vegan. The poppers and the “wings” were both delicious but the star of this dish was actually the ranch dressing, it was an absolute dream.

Next up was the main event of corn dogs, onion rings and chips. The presentation, as with every other course, was stunning despite the natural beige tone with it being junk food. The pickled cucumber and mustard relish gave the dish a pop of colour and a tasty tang.

I am a greedy girl but even I was pretty full by dessert but this was quickly forgotten when presented with a homemade Biscoff doughnut and ice cream.

The food completely exceeded my expectations and I was so impressed that everything, except the Biscoff, was made from scratch from the “cheese” to the ice cream.

Lydia was ridiculously modest and utterly charming, I really enjoyed chatting with her at the end of the evening about food and what she has in mind for future events.

The junk food menu was actually a bit different to the norm as previous menus have been a lot more nutritious for example January was health food inspired including a raw juice shot with every course and the February menu focused on mood boosting foods.

You can secure a place at Glasgow Supper Club by paying just £10 via Eventbrite then on the night you can pay what you feel but a further £10-£20 is suggested so for £30 you can spend a Saturday night enjoying a bespoke dining experience which I am sure you will agree is great value and a great way to spend an evening. Oh and its also BYOB so no over priced drinks to worry about!

You can keep updated and check out previous menus on their Instagram.

I will definitely be going again so be sure to say hello if you come along too.

If you aren’t based around Glasgow you can say hello and follow me on Instagram for lots of vegan food!

Big loves,


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