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Easy to find grab and go lunches…

During the working week I am a huge fan of meal prepping. I like to make sure I have a filling and nutritious lunch that is ready to eat because I walk my dog, Buddy, on my lunch breaks so I have very little time to faff about.

However, vegan lunch options are popping up more and more making it easier than ever to grab lunch on the go!

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, I am super lucky to live in Glasgow where I am spoilt for choice when it comes to food places but this week I have chosen to write about places commonly found in and around train stations all over the UK whether you want to save or splash your cash.

Boots have an impressive amount of vegan options included in their meal deal which consists of a main, snack and drink. They recently added even more options to their vegan range including a samosa veggie wrap, coronation veggies sandwich, tandoori beetroot flatbread and a sweet potato falafel salad box. I tried the falafel salad box which came with mixed grains and avocado hummus, it was pretty tasty but tad small for someone like myself with a big appetite. There were loads of drinks to choose between from fizzy juice to Innocent smoothies. I opted for a Jimmy’s dairy free iced coffee for a caffeine hit, I usually drink black coffee so found this to be crazy sweet so best kept as an afternoon treat rather than a morning coffee replacement. I was actually a bit overwhelmed by their snack selection as they stock loads of my faves like Hippeas (if you like wotsits you need to try these!) and Propercorn. I was in a chocolate mood when I visited so picked up a Squirrel Sisters brownie, these taste so indulgent but no nasties. Apart from the fizzy juice and some snacks most of the vegan options are pretty nutritious which for a working day is an ideal to beat that afternoon slump. Did I mention I got all three for just £3.99!?! Absolute bargain. Oh and I also got some advantage card points of course.

One of my fave places to grab lunch is Pret a Manger, again somewhere you can find dotted all over the place. I am not going to lie if you are picking up a main, snack and a drink you will definitely be spending more than a fiver. There are way too many options to list but to see their full vegan menu you can use filter on their website. I love their cauliflower and sweet potato dhal hot pot for a filling and warming lunch. I am also a fan of the Mexican avocado flat bread that has an amazing charred corn and black bean salsa. By taking your own reusable cup you can save yourself some pennies and save the planet as Pret give a 50p discount on hot drinks, meaning a cup of coffee from just 49p. If you are getting a hot drink though I cannot recommend their coconut milk mocha enough, it is so deliciously creamy and chocolaty. They also do a chocolate dairy free coconut bite which is much more delicious than the old vending machine alternative. Again lots of healthy options because that is just how I roll during the working week.

Even supermarket sandwiches have had an inventive makeover thanks to the Wicked Kitchen Range available exclusively at Tesco. I have recently picked up the fiery tofu and slaw sandwich and it certainly had a kick to it! This range has wraps, sandwiches and microwaveable ready meals so plenty of lunch options to pick between. Unfortunately the Wicked Kitchen range is not included in the Tesco meal deal but then again they are not your average soggy supermarket sandwich.

It really has never been easier to be vegan and new options have been constantly appearing on supermarket shelves this year with no sign of stopping anytime soon.

If like me you prefer to make your own lunch you can check out my Instagram for some inspiration, if you ever see something you fancy feel free to message me for the recipe or where to pick up any ingredients.

Big Loves,

Gems x

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