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The Body Shop Body Yogurt Launch


Last week I was invited along to The Body Shop bloggers event to check out latest products including the new 100% vegan body yogurt and face mists.

Now I am no beauty expert but as Summer approaches don’t we all want glowing healthy skin?

Lets get the elephant in the room out of the way… there was a lot of controversy back when L’Oréal took the reigns but last Summer they parted ways and there is a new sheriff in town. The new owners are Natura & Co, which to me is a much better pairing as Natura promote themselves as an eco-friendly and sustainable company. On a side note they also opt to use ordinary women rather than supermodels in the advertisements which gets a big high five from me!

So lets talk body yogurt, these are a lot thinner than The Body Shop body butters but still super fast absorbing so there is no reason to skip moisturising on busy days. You have the pick of six delicious “flavours” ; strawberry, almond milk, rose, coconut, moringa and my personal fave mango. Each yogurt is made with community trade organic almond milk which is suitable for sensitive skin, this is no false claim as I have been using it all week and my skin is super sensitive.

Another new vegan product is the face mists, each mist has a different benefit and scent. The most popular on the night was the mint mattifying mist but I loved the coconut calming mist for my wee sensitive face. Other mists available are smoothing strawberry, energising mandarin and dewy rose. They are only £6 each and handbag size so perfect for carrying around during the summer for a quick spritz, they are make up friendly too so don’t worry you won’t end up with panda eyes!

I had such a fun time chatting away with The Body Shop staff and was blown away with their product knowledge so next time you pop in you should take full advantage and ask away for advice!

On a serious note, did you know 80% of countries still allow animal testing in cosmetics, you can help ban animal cruelty everywhere by signing their petition.

There are so many great vegan and cruelty free products availed so why use anything else?

Now I know some of you will have read this thinking where is the food, this is a food blog after all, why not check out my sweet potato recipe highlighted on my Instagram. This recipe is cheap, easy and most importantly delicious! Let me know if you try it out by tagging me on your posts!

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2 thoughts on “The Body Shop Body Yogurt Launch

  1. Love this! Those face mists look amazing I might get one as I need something sensitive for my skin. ♥️♥️Xx


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