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Review: The Roast Club Coffee Subscription

Breaking News: Coffee is vegan! Jokes. We all know coffee is vegan but I am a real coffee lover so when asked if I would be interested in providing an honest* review of The Roast Club coffee subscription box it was a hell yeah from me.

The Roast Club provide a monthly subscription service containing 4 x 100g bags of coffee from different origins and regions by speciality roasters. The box will fit through a standard letter box so no annoying trips to post office or neighbours stealing your coffee haul.

The coffee arrives in beans so you can grind at home for ultimate freshness. Trust me freshly grinding your coffee beans at home makes for a delicious cup, its funny how people stick their nose up at stale food but happily slurp away on stale coffee. Buy a grinder, you can thank me later.

They allow you to choose whether you want your bags labelled with what you are drinking or a just a number that you can look up on their website so you can blind taste test with no origin, process or brand bias. I love the idea of ordering blank packaging to challenge yourself or the coffee snob in your life to guess the origin!

So far, so good but onto the taste test!

I was excited to discover Girls Who Grind Coffee were featured as I have been following their Instagram for so long – their packaging and merchandise is seriously fabulous! The coffee industry is very male dominated so Fi and Casey are on a mission to big up the ladies in the coffee industry by sourcing all of coffees from female producers and farmers and those who work to support them. They described this coffee as “clean and crisp” and I would have to agree as it had a lovely fresh taste making it a great coffee to wake up to and I’ll be definitely trying more from the girls.

Pharmacie Coffee are an environmentally conscious coffee roaster and coffee house based in Hove, UK. They source only high-grade arabica coffee, ethically, and roast them carefully. I was intrigued to try this coffee as labelled “peach Bellini, rose and milk chocolate” for tasting notes, how dreamy does that sound? This coffee smelled absolutely beautiful and would complement cake perfectly or ideal for a lazy Sunday.

April Coffee Roasters has its roots in Copenhagen, Denmark. April believes that good coffee is always a collaboration and they make sure they work with partners and farmers around the world that share their view of quality. This was another wakey wakey coffee!

Daniel and Karina are ALPHA Coffee. Based in Austria, they think and live coffee with the goal of creating a coffee culture where diverse coffees are accessible to all. I really loved this coffee and this is exactly why I like the coffee subscription concept as I might never have tried this brand otherwise.

A coffee subscription box costs £18.99 (discounts available if doing 3, 6 or 12 month subscription) and for this we got about six cups using our Aeropress from each 100g bag. Yes £18.99 can seem expensive when comparing it to picking up a bags of supermarket coffee but this isn’t your bog standard coffee. Whereas if you compare it to £3.99 a cup you spend from a coffee shop it becomes a fairer comparison and a lot better value…

The monthly subscription can be paused or cancelled at anytime with no nasty charges and of course it can be purchased as a one-off as a great gift for the coffee lover in your life.

The coffee was delicious and I really love the concept of trying out new coffees every month, it would be a nice to have a different bag each weekend as a treat. It’s also a great way to expand your coffee knowledge as well as finding new favourites.

You can order through the Roast Club website and check out their Instagram for updates.

Oh and how about a cheeky discount code with love from me to you? Enter VFG15 for 15% off the total basket price!

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Big loves,


*My box was kindly gifted for this review but as always opinions are entirely my own, pinky promise!

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