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Meet the Maker: Lovely Lydia, Glasgow Supper Club

Back in March I went to Glasgow Supper Club for the first time and was absolutely blown away by not only the delicious food but how ridiculously modest Lydia was at the end of the evening. Here was someone who had created an exciting menu, dressed a table beautifully, selected the perfect mood music, slaved over a hot stove then served it up to total strangers with the warmth you would expect from a lifelong bestie.

This weekend I went along again and devoured the “When Life Gives You Lemons” themed menu but rather than me bang on about how delicious it was (it was really delicious btw), I thought it would be great for you to hear about Glasgow Supper Club from the lady herself and maybe take away some inspiration to host a dinner party of your own.

What inspired you to create the Glasgow Supper Club?

Well. I’d never heard of supper clubs until Anna, my incredibly gorgeous and talented friend from back home in London introduced me to the idea. She was working a very stressful job in PR and wanted out, I was living in Edinburgh at the time and looking for a flatmate so Anna quit her job and moved up to start Alright Treacle. AT was Anna’s baby but I helped hosting for almost two years before she moved to Brighton (via New Zealand) and I came through to Glasgow, went vegan and the rest is history.

I love that each menu has a different theme from mood food to junk food edition, how do you think up ideas?

My first port of call is the BBC seasonality table start with a big list of everything coming into it’s best in the coming months, often you’ll find these naturally make really good combinations, peas and courgettes for example. Sometimes I take a fruit or vegetable and run with that or I look at the calendar and think about what people need at that time of year; health food after Christmas with loads of great vitamins and minerals to see you through the colder months or junk food when everyone’s sick of their New Years diets!

Fave theme so far?

I love a pun so maybe ‘Get Behind Me Seitan’ – it was the first supper after going vegan so a fitting title for leaving animal products behind.

How to you source ingredients?

TBH, I get the basics from the supermarkets. The Co-Op and Tesco are really great for labelling their wines and spirits vegan or not. But speciality ingredients come from Roots & Fruits and the newly re-located Locavore (my absolute fave!)

What are your dinner party must haves?

I love arranging the centrepieces, I try and keep the flowers as locally sourced to keep the events as eco-friendly as possible. Lightning is really important too, plenty for t-lights and low lighting. I’m not bothered about anything else being matching! You’re in my flat, not a restaurant – I hope that the mish/mash crockery and odd cutlery is part of the charm.

What is coming up next?

June sees beautiful berries coming into season, strawberries, blackcurrants, gooseberries will certainly be the inspiration some sort of delicious summery pudding. It’s also carrot season. That may not sound very exciting but one of my favourite things in this world is smoked carrot lox. I never liked salmon before turning vegan so I think this substitute is certainly better than the “real thing”. Maybe some sort of Scandinavian theme would be fun!

I honestly can’t recommend going along to Glasgow Supper Club enough! Go have a read my of “Junk Food Edition” menu review and a scroll of their Instagram and I challenge you not to drool. All images used in this post are by Glasgow Supper Club to give you just a hint of the showstopper dishes Lydia creates!

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Big Loves,

Gems x

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