Durty Vegan Burger Club – Return of the V Mac!


This weekend I went along to Durty Vegan Burger Club pop up hosted by Project Chefland & Kinning Park Complex.

I missed the V Mac event last year but I sure as hell was not missing this one! I snapped up tickets as soon as they went live and have been singing 90s classic Return of the Mack ever since..

The V Mac was everything and more! I am totally going to start using a maple syrup glaze when making burger buns at home and trust me when I say you should too, seriously look at this bad boy glistening away in the bank holiday sun.

Tickets cost £15 plus a small booking fee and this gained event entry, an epic burger, entertainment as well as an introduction to Project Chefland and D.V.B.C brand.

All profits were donated to keep Kinning Park Complex’s Community Cafe running which actively addresses local food poverty issues, environmental impacts of food waste, social isolation and community solidarity.

The man, the legend, behind the scenes is Danny or as some of you may know him “The Mad Chef”, who is known in Glasgow for his creative and delicious eats…So who better to get the all the D.V.B.C gossip from than the man himself!

What inspired you to create Durty Vegan Burger Club ?

With the current climate of the Glasgow food revolution I felt there wasn’t really anything that met the needs of the vegan burger market, there are loads of good vegan food places out there but none that really packed a punch, with regards to creating really trashy food that wasn’t going to give you a heart attack.

There are burger joints on every corner and more variations of sliders high stackers and smashed pattys than I care to remember, but not one concept solely focus on being vegan, people are to scared to take the plunge and they still feel vegan food is the minority, this is so not true.

I honestly can’t believe people don’t see the need and the fact that this is a solid and positive progression, in these times more and more people care about what they are eating from an ethical and health stand point.

They also want it on demand, but half of the food out there is really just shit in a tray at the press of a button, we all love a Sunday recovery feast but it doesn’t need to be unhealthy or look like out of date hummus.

My goal is to create a brand that meets the need of this and still retains a positive value, as the Durty Vegan Burger Club will in part fund Project Chefland, a project thats designed to use chefs from the commercial industry to help contribute to issues with food poverty.

To date there is an organisation for everything but nothing for chefs, the industry is quite unforgiving and can have its downfalls, personally it took me a year working in Kinning Park Complex to really recover from it but think thats an article of its own lol .

For the last 19 years I’ve worked my soul off, kitchen to kitchen concept to concept waiting for the right time to really find out what I wanted to do and put my beliefs, dedication and passion into, I finally feel I’m ready to take the plunge, I believe in the brand head to toe and hope others will see that too.

Its not just a business, for me it is a path to a new stage in life where I can support myself and help others at the same time thus keeping the cycle rolling.

What makes Kinning Park Complex so special?

Kinning Park Complex is one of the most amazing places in Glasgow and to be honest helped me more than I could ever explain, I had the privilege of managing the kitchen for a year and working with people that literally changed my life almost like a family support system where you are accepted no matter what and any problems or issues you have were taken as part of you and not a discredit.

This is where I really learnt what community is and how to balance my real life values, when you work in an environment that you and your teams main purpose is to help facilitate the needs of others it really gives you perspective of where you fit in to the world and helps you develop your outlook and belief system.

Life can be unforgiving and sometimes there are people who have no one to turn to, but Kinning Park Complex is a place where all are welcome and a family of its own.

The money we raised from the event will help to keep our community meals running and help buy food over the next few months as we survive on donations.We have a cafe that many people attend who would otherwise go hungry this is a cold hard fact of Glasgow life and an issue within itself, so if you can imagine the fact a single burger and the support of the people who bought tickets did more that just help a little , potentially each person who bought a ticket is responsible for creating at least four meals for people in a time of need, now thats what you call positive collaboration, and to be honest I don’t think I could ever cook without there being a positive social outcome at the end of it.

Whats next for D.V.B.?

After nearly a two years of playing with the concept of the Durty Vegan Burger Club we’re now ready to open up shop, first off with instalments of the Durty Vegan barbecue starting on the 9th of june which will he housed inside the Old Toll Bar Glasgow, where we will have a permanent residency and are curently fitting out a full restaurant downstairs , then in late August we will launch the full DVBC burger menu including online its been a long road and one thats been really stressful and testing but the time is now and with the support we have had I think it will be received well.

All I can say is wait until people see the menu its gonna go off the fucking hook!

Like everything timing is counts , you can can have a great product but if you drop it at the wrong time it can fall flat , but I finally feel the brand is ready and im also ready to get back in the kitchen and create what I love!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Danny is a great chef and an even better human! His absolute passion for creative cooking with a conscious is truly inspirational.

The first rule of D.V.B.C is tell everyone about D.V.B.C – share this blog, follow their Instagram and Project Chefland!

I am more than a little excited to support D.V.B.C as it unfolds and even more excited to taste everything it will have to offer! I will of course be covering every exciting chapter so be sure to follow my blog and Instagram for updates and lots more delicious food of course.

Big loves,


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