BBQ season is here and I’m a Barbie Girl!

I recently went along to Tomillo for an all vegan New York BBQ. They had the perfect setting as we sat by the canal basking in the bank holiday sun – too much sun in the case of Mr Johnson! For just £15 we had a pick of a main, one side and a drink and there was so much delicious choice!

Now I know chargrilled pineapple sounds pretty bland but on a super light bao bun with creamy avocado and spicy siracha it was honestly a taste sensation and something I fully intend to recreate at home!

The good news is I have since spoken to Natasha and she has assured me there will be another BBQ soon so make sure to follow them on Instagram for latest events. Last Summer we attended their VeGin events where they developed amazing 5 course tasting menus with each course paired beautifully with a Whitley Neill gin to compliment the dish so come rain or shine the Tomillo team will provide the wow factor! You can even enjoy at home if you are Glasgow based as they do an all vegan delivery and takeaway service!

On my previous post I spoke to Danny following the first Durty Vegan Burger Club pop up event which saw the return of the The V-Mac aka the vegan Big Mac. Well you will be glad to know the 2nd event has already been announced and you can get tickets now!

This time you can feast on an all-day BBQ on June 9th at The Old Toll Bar and get first taste of another burger offering from Durty Vegan Burger club. Now this one is not just dirty, it is absolute filth!!! The Dark Lord burger is made from tofu and sweet potato topped with Violife cheese, pickles, relish, and stuffed with french fries and red wine gravy!

And if that wasn’t enough there will also be bbq seitan ribs, chargrilled garlic squash, Caribbean style slaw, creamed corn mash, gravy and a summer salad dressed with lime and mango dressing!

All that eating is thirsty work so you’ll be glad to know there will also be a selection of vegan beers to wet your whistle.

Feeling inspired? Well get your fancy pants and chef hat on! Three cookbooks instantly spring to mind for me to recommend…

Firstly Avant-Garde Vegan, as well as goodies to grill, it also has recipes for pretzel style burger buns and beer hot dog rolls if you really want to play masterchef.

Secondly Thug Kitchen, lots of great party food and drinks inspiration from these guys especially in their Party Grub book (as the name suggests!).

And finally the just out Wicked Healthy book – these guys can do the most amazing things with the humble mushroom. If you don’t believe me just check out their Instagram!

Looking for entertaining ideas? Check out my easy entertaining hacks post for ideas on how to easily up your cocktail game.

Feeling lazy? Cheat! All the major supermarkets are bringing out amazing vegan options! This month Tesco started to stock Vivera steak, yes vegan steak! There has never been a greater selection of burgers and sausages to choose from as supermarkets launch their own brand options as well as long term faves like Linda McCartney and Quorn.

Make sure you stock up on lots of colourful veggies as you can’t go wrong with easy veggie kebabs and every BBQ needs corn on the cob of course.

It’s my birthday this month so Mr.Johnson has booked us a cottage in the beautiful countryside complete with a massive bbq, I can’t wait to get my hands on the bad boy and get grilling! Make sure you follow my Instagram @veganfoodie_gems to see us create breakfast, lunch and dinner bbq style!

So that is two myths totally debunked:

1. A BBQ is nothing but meat, meat and more meat.

2. Vegan husbands are an urban legend.

Oh and I nearly forgot the other great thing about being vegan at a bbq is while people around you are moaning about having the meat sweats (eurgh!), you can be filling up on seconds and thirds!

I’d love for you to share bbq ideas by commenting on this post, also make sure to follow and share with fellow foodies.

Big loves,

Gems x

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