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Tempo Tea Party!

I was first introduced to bubble tea by my sister, she was living in London at the time so was always one step ahead on the latest food trend.

So what is bubble tea I hear some of you ask? Each drink is made with a base of super healthy black or green tea, mixed with natural fruit flavourings then topped with tasty toppings. These bubble toppings are bursting boba which have a jelly like texture, filled with fruit juice and are vegan friendly.

Boss babe May Gem and her brother Liam had come across bubble tea on childhood holidays but they too spotted bubble tea shops popping up in London and decided to get Scotland in on the action. Tempo Tea bar now have stores in Glasgow and Edinburgh where they serve up bubble teas in a huge choice of colourful combinations.

Tempo have been busy recently after launching a kickstarter for their very own reusable tea infuser bottle as well as a new menu launch!

Looking to become more eco-friendly and help customers reduce their waste was the inspiration behind creating their very own reusable tea infuser bottle. As well as saving the world (every little helps), the bottle will also help customers save money as they will receive 10% off their drink when using bottle. Infusing your own herbal and fruit teas is a great way to create a new fave beverage to keep you hydrated all Summer long, lemon water can get the job done but it’s fun to try something new.

This weekend Tempo threw a party to celebrate the new menu launch and what a party! As well as sampling the new menu the event also raised funds and awareness for SAMH, a Scottish mental health charity. If you or someone you know is living with a mental health problem or if you can offer support make sure to check out their website as it is full of great resources.

I received a tea on arrival then there was a boba station where I could choose some tasty popping boba to create my own drink. Boba bubbles also work great in an adult juice, I often add them to fizz or cocktails at home for a pop of colour. My sister opted for cherry boba with Jack Daniels at the party, talk about upgrading a JD with cherry cola twist!

There was also amazing Asian street food and desserts served up by local chefs and bakers to showcase what is coming to Tempo in the future. I had a bao bun filled with spiced jackfruit and crunchy red cabbage, it was so tasty I smuggled some home afterwards to share with Mr.Johnson.

So my Saturday night was full of bubble tea and bao buns while being entertained by street dancers which was super fun but I love that this event also provided a platform to support local businesses and SAMH too.

If you haven’t tried bubble tea yet then why not give it a bash? If you are already a fan then I encourage you to get creative with your cocktails or comment below with your fave combination.

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Big Loves,

Gems x

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