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What I Eat in a Day: Autumn Midweek Munching

It’s not just fashion that changes from season to season, my midweek menu gets a makeover too.

So this week I’m sharing what I ate today, simple comfort food to make Monday that bit easier.

I started my day with oats topped with cherries and peanut butter, the Pip & Nut crunchy maple syrup peanut butter is absolute perfection. I also like to add chia and flaxseed to my oats for an extra health boost too.

During the day I snacked on red grapes and drank numerous cups of green tea.

In true Blue Peter style, lunch tends to be something I made earlier as I like to prep the night before to save faffing about in the morning. So last night I roasted sweet potato chunks, beetroot, red onion and Brussel sprouts with a good glug of olive oil. While the veg was roasting, I rinsed some quinoa (takes away any bitter coating) then cooked in vegetable stock. Once everything was cooked I mixed it all together and seasoned well with salt and pepper. Yes the beetroot turns everything pink but it still tastes delicious. If you like a bit of crunch you could sprinkle pumpkin seeds or walnuts on top but I was out of both, sad times. Obviously you can switch up the veg too, I often do med veg style using courgette, peppers and aubergine. You do you!

Nothing beats a comforting bowl of soup after a long day and minestrone gets extra comfort points as it also includes pasta. The other great thing about soup is it really couldn’t be simpler! For this soup we shoved chopped carrots, white onion, leeks, cabbage and garlic in a pot before covering with vegetable stock and tinned chopped tomatoes. This takes around 30 mins so you can just cook pasta around ten minutes before soup is ready, once cooked add pasta to soup along with some frozen peas. It’s pretty filling as it is but we’re greedy so we like to serve it with garlic bread.

I love filling up on homemade nutritious meals during the week but weekends are a different story! Everyone knows calories don’t count on the weekends… right?!? Maybe I’ll share a what I eat on a weekend post soon but in the meantime you can follow me on Instagram for more of my daily eats.

Big Loves,

Gems x

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