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Ready, Steady, Bake with Creative Nature Superfoods!

Great British Bake Off is back and this year they are including vegan week amongst their themes!

Vegan baking can be tricky as you need to substitute so many of the traditional ingredients such as eggs, butter and milk.

Tricky becomes a bit of a nightmare if you have a vegan husband with a nut allergy like mine!

Creative Nature Superfoods easy make baking mixes are the perfect solution as they are free from the most common allergens like gluten and nuts. The packet also has an easy to follow vegan and a non vegan recipe on the back so no guesswork required to make it suitable for vegans.

I decided to put their whole grain banana bread mix to the taste test! I roped in my bestie as she is brutally honest and an expert baker, she was a committee member of the WI when she lived in London so this girl knows good cake.

The whole grain banana bread mix is organic, allergen and refined sugar free, it also allows you to use up brown bananas. If you read my recent interview with The Real Junk Food Project you will know food waste is a pet peeve of mine so I absolutely refuse to ever throw out a brown banana.

The mix makes baking ridiculously simple, all we had to do is mash up a few brown bananas then stir in some dairy free spread, the baking mix and a pinch of cinnamon. Louise advised not to over mix as this can make it rubbery. The recipe states “singing loudly at this point is reported to improve taste” so we enjoyed a sing along to Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leopard before popping it into the oven.

After around 45 minutes we enjoyed warm slices of banana bread, it was really moist and sweet. I like mine with dairy free spread but Louise frowned upon this. We both agreed that peanut butter goes wonderfully, providing you don’t have a nut allergy of course!

If you are a brilliant baker then these mixes probably aren’t necessary but they definitely pass the taste test and are fantastic when baking for friends and family who suffer from allergens.

Other mixes available include chia and cacao chocolate chip brownies, chocolate chip muffins and chia and mulberry muffins.

You can buy mixes and more from Creative Nature Superfoods website as well as selected supermarkets such as Sainsburys and Asda.

If you give these mixes a try then make sure to tag me @veganfoodie_gems on Instagram so I can see your creations and share on my Instagram stories.

I would love to hear any baking tips from you guys!

Big Loves,

Gems x

4 thoughts on “Ready, Steady, Bake with Creative Nature Superfoods!

  1. That bread looks delicious! I was actually just watching the Great British Bake Off and thinking it would be really cool if a vegan contestant tried it out (although I’m not sure how the technicals would work)


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