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Keeping lunch plastic free with Elephant Box

Plastic is not fantastic! FACT. People are waking up to this fact and #zerowaste is popping up all over social media – yes this could be described as a trend but it is a trend that could save you money while you do your bit to save the planet.

Reusable and non plastic bags, bottles and cups are becoming the norm but have you upgraded your lunchbox?

I recently moved house which meant popping home for lunch was no longer an option so I needed some lunchboxes that were plastic free, practical and fabulous.

I was very kindly sent some stylish stainless steel lunchboxes from Elephant Box which I’ve truly been loving so I wanted to share a bit more about them and what I’ve been filling them with this week.

Elephant Box products are sustainably sourced, eco-friendly and made from food grade stainless steel.

The boxes are easy to clean and actually look clean too, I think we’ve all owned a plastic box that never quite looks clean thanks to sauce stains and the likes! I made homemade red pesto this week and absolutely no sign of that tell tale pink stain on my box.

Stainless steel is also suitable for freezing and you can write on them with a non permanent marker to remind yourself of what is inside – this would also be handy for writing names if you have a few people in the household using the boxes to avoid any mix ups.

I was sent the two in one lunchbox, basically a lunchbox that comes with a mini snack pod that fits neatly inside – I used this to keep my hummus separate from my falafel one day and my chutney separate from my onion bhaji another. You could also use the snack pod on its own as it is a nice handbag size for emergency snacking when out and about.

I was also sent the Be Square! Set of two containers, on the website it suggests this set to be used for a salad and a snack box but obviously you could use them for whatevers. I like to use the bigger one for popcorn rather than salad because no one wants a small tub of popcorn!

A couple of cons… like a lot of lunchboxes these cannot be used in a microwave and their lunchboxes are not leakproof. These didn’t affect me personally as I don’t use a microwave and I don’t do liquids at lunch as I much prefer a good carb and veg combo to get me through the day.

You can check out the full range of lunchboxes and other reusables on the Elephant Box Website.

If you enjoyed this post and fancy reading more about how to reduce waste then check out my interview with The Real Junk Food Project Glasgow.

You can also find lots more food inspiration and chat over on my Instagram.

Big Loves,

Gems x

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