Winner Winner Christmas Dinner!

Christmas dinner is by far one of my favourite meals of the year and thankfully going vegan didn’t change that.

A lot of people have asked what I eat at Christmas and the answer is always the same… Everything! It has become so much easier to pick up all the traditional treats minus the meat and dairy.

If you fancy cooking then check out my stuffing crusted cauliflower or stuffed squash recipe.

Gaz Oakley aka Avant Garde Vegan has brought out a Christmas cookbook this year if you want to go all out in the kitchen.

I have rounded up the tastiest options to replace your turkey this year.

Here are the best no fuss options:

Linda McCartney roast beef with red wine and shallot glaze – this is one of our go to options for Sunday roast as can easily pick up from the supermarket for around £3 and cooks from frozen in less than an hour.

Fry’s Family Soy and Quinoa Country Roast – we had this last Christmas but have picked it since at Holland and Barrett. Once defrosted, this cooks in the oven for around half an hour.

VBites Roast – these guys do a range of roast options; nut, beef, turkey and gammon. They also do a celebration roast which comes with rasher wrapped sausages and gravy.

Tofurkey Roast – this comes with herb gravy and wild rice stuffing. At around £10 it is one of the more expensive options but it has more of a sense of occasion as resembles a turkey crown.

Sgaia Classic Sage & Onion Fillet Roast – another impressive looking roast! This is available in two sizes; small to feed 3-4 people or large for 6-8.

Nut Roast – you can pick up nut roasts absolutely everywhere but Mr.Johnson is allergic so no go for us.

So where can you pick up your roast? Your usual supermarket, speciality stores, Holland and Barrett or The Vegan Kind online supermarket.

If you are Glasgow based then you should check out my faves Tomillo as they are cooking up a full 3 course Christmas dinner available to collect on Christmas Eve so all you would need to do is heat it up on the big day! Perfect for those in the can’t cook, won’t cook camp.

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Big Christmas Hugs,

Gems x

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