Prosecco Party!

Fizz is fabulous. FACT.

I wanted to share 5 easy hacks to give your fizz that extra wow factor for entertaining over the party season.

Firstly, remember to check if the fizz is vegan on the bottle if you are lucky or if not clearly labelled jump online to check on Barnivore.

1. Stick a candy cane on it, this goes for any beverage this month!

2. Shove some candy floss on it, if you use white it looks like snow so perfect for winter parties.

3. Fresh rosemary is like a mini Christmas tree in a glass.

4. Boba bubbles are colourful balls filled with fruit juice, I have bought from Tempo Tea Bar and Pop a Ball.

5. Get fruity! Think seasonal colours and flavours. I like to use pomegranate seeds. Another great option (if you can find one) is star fruit, to be honest they don’t taste of much but this star shaped fruit looks great in drinks or on desserts at this time of year.

Not to be a bore but please remember to drink sensibly, have fun but don’t be a dick.

You can find lots more festive food, fizz and fun on my Instagram as well as daily giveaways in the run up to Christmas!

Big Christmas Hugs,

Gems x

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