Merry Mornings!

If you can’t have something sweet for breakfast at Christmas then when can you?

So here are 3 ideas ranging from super easy, easy to bit of effort.

Jus Rol Cinnamon Rolls – accidentally vegan! Pop in the oven, job done!

Chocolate orange oats – see previous recipe post but looks like this…

Very Berry French Toast – whisk up 200ml of plant based milk with couple of tablespoons of maple syrup and a wee bit of vanilla then stir in 100g plain flour and cinnamon until you have a smooth paste. Dip bread in mixture before placing in a hot pan to cook for a couple of minutes on either side. You could eat as is but I like to heat up some frozen berries in a pot with maple syrup to pour over my toast. Oh and since it’s Christmas you could add some “snow” by sifting over some icing sugar.

You can find lots more festive food, fizz and fun on my Instagram and I am also running daily giveaways so don’t miss out!

Big Christmas Hugs,

Gems x

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