Review: Toby Carvery

I was recently invited by Toby Carvery to try out their latest vegan offerings and I have never been known to say no to a roast potato so off I skipped to my nearest restaurant.

A carvery might be the last place you would imagine to be vegan friendly but trust me you won’t be leaving hungry.

To start you can tuck into soup but I had no intention of filling up on soup, this was not my first rodeo.

So onto the main event… You can choose just to go for the carvery (without the meat obviously) but they also have three vegan main options!

There is an aubergine stack; aubergine and med style veg in a tomato sauce topped with vegan white sauce and crumb topping.

A root vegetable roast; shredded root veg, mushrooms, apricots topped with an oat and cranberry crumb. Sadly this option had sold out on this visit but I have had it before and really enjoyed it, especially when smothered in gravy.

So with the vegetable roast not available, I opted for the roast mushroom and ale pie. This was really rich and tasty, getting a big thumbs up from from both myself and Mr.Johnson. It is a decent sized individual pie and I am pleased to report that they didn’t skimp on pastry either, shortcrust pastry full of mushrooms then topped with a puff pastry lid. Delicious.

Main sorted onto the unlimited veg, yes unlimited roast potatoes too. I couldn’t resist taking advantage and having a second helping. You could definitely opt for the meat free carvery and still leave satisfied as plenty of choice.

I left just enough room for dessert and the waitress told me it was proving very popular. They may only offer one vegan dessert but it is a good one; Belgian chocolate cake with a raspberry filling served with a scoop of coconut sorbet. The sponge was super moist and the tangy raspberry filling prevented it being too rich after a big meal.

As I said at start of this post, I was invited to taste the new vegan options so I didn’t pay for my meal on this visit but it really is good value especially with unlimited vegetables. Our main was less than a tenner and a meat free carvery was even less but I know prices do vary depending on location.

If you want a big Sunday roast without the dirty dishes or breaking the bank then why not give Toby Carvery a try.

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Big Loves,

Gems x

* My meal was gifted for the purpose of this review but as always any opinions are entirely my own, pinky promise!

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