A Quickie with Generation Veg

Glasgow has so many great vegan companies and places to eat but despite this we still don’t have monthly markets like in London… until now! I caught up with Nina and Elisha who have created Generation Veg to get the goss about upcoming events…

What inspired you lovely ladies to launch Generation Veg?
Nina: Glasgow vegan scene is thriving just now with more and more
small businesses are popping up despite the challenges involved
and increasing vegan festival costs.
Elisha and I are not just business partners but close friends, and
we’re so excited to meet new people whilst supporting the local
vegan community as it grows.
Elisha: We really want to support the existing sense of community
in the Glasgow vegan circles; to provide a local and affordable
platform for small businesses, and encourage free markets for
anyone interested in veganism or eco-friendly products. Generation
Veg is all about supporting the future of veganism in Glasgow and
helping it flourish as the interest in veganism grows.


You are kicking off events with MY BIG FAT VEGAN MARKET,
Scotland’s first ever vegan junk food market, what can people
expect on the day?
Nina: I’ve been vegan for 7 years and Elisha for 4, as you can
imagine it was a lot less accessible when we first took the plunge
and the concept of a vegan junk food market seemed a ridiculous
pipe dream – but here we are!
Elisha: We have around twenty food stalls with everything from
vegan KFC-style burgers, pies, pizza, chick’n drumsticks, to Easter
eggs, doughnuts, Scottish fudge, brownies, and more. Not to
mention coffee and cakes from our favourites at Mayze Finnieston.
We have taken great care to make the market accessible for
everyone with family friendly areas, seating and ramps. There will
also be 10-15 market stalls featuring local brands with those vegan
essentials, and our first ever vegan candle stall.

Following on from MBFVM, you are hosting a free monthly
market at Barras Art and Design Centre, what have you got
planned for these events?
Nina: My Big Fat Vegan Market is our largest event this year, and
although it is ticketed, by supporting this one event you are helping us fund these free-entry markets with affordable stallholder costs
for the rest of the year. The Glasgow Vegan Markets are our new
collaboration with the fab folks at Barras Art & Design Centre
(BAaD) where we are trying to create a one-stop shop for monthly
vegan groceries, eco-friendly household items and plastic free fruit
and veg boxes. Something that, as wee Glaswegian vegans
ourselves, we feel is lacking in Glasgow despite the increase in
larger festivals.
Elisha: BAaD have also created a new vegan brunch menu
available at The Glasgow Vegan Markets so families and friends
can catch up and relax after visiting the stalls. We’re hoping it
becomes a monthly tradition for people. With this in mind, The
Glasgow Vegan Markets are and always will be free entry; we want
to provide a regular and well attended pop-up spot for small
businesses who don’t have the means or need for a permanent
shop of their own as well as support local established businesses.


Are you hopeful events like these will make a vegan lifestyle
more accessible and encourage people to make the change?
Nina: Gosh that would be incredible, and humbling – but it’s not our
sole motivation. Yes – here’s hoping the casual nature of The
Glasgow Vegan Markets will entice a few Barras regulars and offer
something new to try but I think veganism is growing without us
already; which is incredible, but our goal is that these events simply
support the community as it grows in Glasgow.

Any items you would recommend people looking to go vegan
to pick up at the market to get them started?
Elisha: Doughnuts. They’re the ultimate crowd pleaser, and there’s
a very good reason why they’re such a firm favourite. I have a
massive sweet tooth so I’m very excited about the endless number
of cakes, brownies, and chocolate we’ll have on the day. There are
far too many amazing stalls to list them all, but the fact that we have
access to such delicious vegan treats right on our doorstep just
shows how easy it can be to be vegan in this day and age.

So what are you waiting for? Go book your tickets now and give them a follow to keep up to date with future events too.

You can also find lots more food, cruelty free beauty and fun over on my Instagram.

Big Loves,

Gems x

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