Review: Supper Club by Nico

I recently received a press release announcing Supper Club by Nico were going to be offering a plant based seven-course tasting menu and it definitely had me intrigued!  I was excited to receive an invite shortly afterwards to try it out for the purpose of this blog post.

Supper Club by Nico is the latest dining concept to be introduced by the group behind Six By Nico, 111 by Nico, and Public House by Nico.

Similar to Six by Nico, the theme of the menu at Supper Club constantly changes and this menu is the first fully plant based menu at any of the restaurants within the Nico group.

Supper Club has been described as the creative laboratory on their website, allowing chefs to experiment with innovative new textures, flavour combinations using fresh, seasonal ingredients and state of the art culinary techniques so I arrived with very high expectations.

The seven course vegan tasting menu featured:

Spring Lettuce, Avocado & Cucumber Gazpacho

I really enjoyed this dish which was surprising as I’m not a huge fan of traditional gazpacho. The avocado gave it a lovely creamy consistency and the salsa garnish gave it a good kick.


Isle of White Tomato Tartare, Verjus granita, Sourdough Crisp

Tomatoes are definitely not all made equal, the colour and taste of these tomatoes were on a completely different level to a pack you might pick up at the local supermarket.


King Oyster Mushroom “Risotto” with Truffle & Black Garlic & Parsley Foam

This was my favourite dish as it just packed such a punch of flavour, honestly no picture could do this dish justice. The mushroom had a real meaty texture and it has definitely inspired me to incorporate more of a variety of mushrooms when cooking at home.


Broad Bean & Garden Pea Agnolotti, White Asparagus, Violet Artichoke & Amalfi Lemon

This super fresh dish was such an ideal Summer plate and the favourite amongst the rest of my table.


Curry Roasted Cauliflower, Aubergine Caviar, Barbecue Leeks

I love cauliflower and they way it can soak up flavours but sadly this cauliflower just lacked any oomph. We all agreed that the aubergine caviar was delicious though.


Raspberry & Almond Arlette, Bitter Chocolate & Tofu Ganache

You really can’t go wrong with raspberries and dark chocolate. This dessert was super rich so the small serving was plenty but I could quite happily munch on the almond arlette all day long.


Coconut Creme, Banana & Yuzu sorbet

The texture of this dish divided our table; one of the girls said it reminded them of baby food but I thought it was similar to panna cotta. The slightly sour taste of the yuzu mixed with the sweetness of the banana gave an almost sherbet like taste.


The portions were ideal as they didn’t leave you too full to enjoy the rest of the meal but you definitely didn’t leave hungry.

The staff were brilliant as they talk you through each dish and were were happy to answer any questions too.

I really enjoyed the whole Supper Club experience and I hope to see more plant based menus at the rest of the Nico group in the future.

If you fancy trying this menu out for yourself then you’ll  have to be quick as it is only available on Friday and Saturday for two weeks from May 31st with a limited number of bookings available for each sitting.

You can find lots more delicious food over on my Instagram so be sure to give me a follow.

Big Loves,

Gems x

Image Credit – SKAPA/BLK29



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